Sunday, February 19, 2012

I love the networking that goes on at BYU Hawaii. We have the opportunity to meet a lot of different professionals in order to get us integrated into the work force. Just this week, I met three pretty big names in their chosen field. We had a guest speaker in one of my classes named Erica Chenowith (not to be confused with Kristen, sorry). She has written numerous articles and traveled the world speaking on terrorism and non-violence movements. Very interesting class, and I enjoyed learning from her. One of the best parts of the class, however, was the Tourette yell in the middle of her discourse. It was a fairly laid back atmosphere, and open for questions, so she looked my direction and asked what was said. I replied that I had Tourette's, nothing to say (at least not on her topic with any kind of intelligence) so she continued and that was that. It got a few giggles from my classmates though.

Then on Friday night, "the Piano Guys" came and performed. Composer and pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson gave an amazing performance. No, I made no noise during the concert. However, afterwards during the meet and greet, there were a couple of loud (and when I say loud, there was an echo) screams. Now they may not be rock stars, so they were not thronged with screaming teenage girls or anything, but they did have a pretty large crowd, and the sea of heads that turned as they looked in shock at what had just happened was quite entertaining. When I got to meet them, they were very nice guys, neither said anything about the yells. It was a bit sad to get so little reaction, but I guess that is what you get when dealing with professionals. It was fun though, as my life always is. And I can't help it. :)
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