Timing is Everything

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I have the best time at work. I have so many funny experiences there, and the more it happens, the more I see people loosen up about my Tourette Syndrome and about me in general. I'm kind of weird. The other day I had Chris laughing so hard he almost wound up on the floor. We were sitting in the break room at work and I let out a couple of small tics, no big deal. Then I let out a loud one, which was immediately followed by a burp. I guess being the only woman working in the men's department makes something like that a little more shocking than if you knew me around my family. Of all the noises that I make, I think that was the last one Chris was expecting from me. The tic followed by a burp happens fairly often, and I think it is hilarious to watch how amusing other people find it. It is just like a tic to me, it just happens.

When I explain TS to someone who has never heard of it, I will usually compare it to other bodily functions that just happen like a cough or a sneeze. You can't control them, but you are aware of what is happening. You may even be able to hold back a cough for a while, but not for long, it eventually has to come out. Isn't a burp another one of those bodily functions that just happens? The timing, however, is quite entertaining. My TS certainly has a personality of it's own and the comedic timing is what makes all of my funny stories possible. It's not me, I just can't help it!
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