Touch Base

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Wow, so I'm not sure how over an entire month has gotten away from me. It might be due to the fact that Paula has been fairly mild mannered for a bit. Tics do come and go and I guess she is just biding her time until she can make some really good stories or something. Which is a strong possibility. It has been the pattern before. After all, I've had Paula for about 15 years now, and while she normally doesn't have very many patterns, the only constant is that she always comes back.

However, I've noticed over the years as I have watched Paula evolve that her mood tends to change and bears a creepy resemblance to a human of about the same age. I've watched her "grow" and evolve over the years. The pre-teen, early teen age was particularly rough and where most of this blog has taken place. Now that she is 15, she is starting to mature I guess?

Anyways, I just wanted to touch base and say that Paula and I are both alive and well. I've just been working on so many exciting projects. I should really cut back and focus on one at a time, but I just get so excited! Book 3 is coming together, I am working on an online course and getting an entire new idea to somehow incorporate and tie into the foundation I have already built. That's on top of the regular day job, too. Wish me luck, but be excited for new things!
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