Paula is (not usually) Submissive

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Paula is not often put in her place. She tends to be very sassy, and you know when she has an opinion. Just ask my fiancee, she yells at him all the time, often just because. I'm not even sure what he did wrong, but oh Paula sure thought so! Paula likes to have the last word, too.

I have only ONCE ever seen Paula put in her place and become submissive. It was dark out and I was driving with my friend, Traci down a winding road in the mountains. We were on the lookout for deer. Car accidents tend to not be awesome, and we would rather not hit one. Paula decided to speak up about one thing or another. There wasn't much of a conversation going, so it was hard to tell what she was trying to say. Traci turned and said, "SHHH!! Paula, not now, we are watching for deer!"

Rather quickly, Paula uttered a very submissive noise that sounded an awful lot like, "OK." She was quiet the rest of the drive. Paula may not be very submissive, but I guess she understands when life is on the line! Or would have been, had we seen any deer. As sassy as she is, I guess she has her priorities straight!
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