Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I made another new friend yesterday. Paula is really great at this whole meeting people thing. She gets excited when there are new people around. I met him first, we were sitting at the same table with mutual friends. I don't know how long we were visiting before Paula decided to show up, but show up she did!

This is the hard part about being a writer with Tourette Syndrome. I wish sometimes I was a photographer or a musician that had things on hand to record these types of stories. Sometimes I wish you could just hear some of the crazy sounds she makes. Others I wish you could see the great faces people make. I may be a writer, but descriptions are hard. This would be one of those stories that I needed a camera.

My new friend David gave me this look. Looks, actually. I got multiple reactions and it was wonderful. Totally made my day. I'll do my best to 'splain. (I've been watching I Love Lucy reruns) He squinted his eyes and his head dipped, looking at me with concern. Then when Paula went off again before I even had a chance to giggle at his reaction.

This time, his eyes flew open and his head popped up, with a few looks side to side. What I imagine him thinking at this point, "What on earth is going on? Why is she screaming? Nothing's wrong? Why are people laughing at this? Is she ok? She has to be crazy." It took me a minute to catch my breath (from giggling, not Paula) before I was able to explain to him what was going on. David took it in stride once he knew and continued with dinner. Good times indeed.

Paula Is A Cheerleader

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Contrary to appearance, I do enjoy sports. I don't play because I can actually be very competitive and I'm not very coordinated and don't want to bring down the team. If we are playing just to goof off and no one is keeping score, I'm all in! I enjoy watching my friends play as well. I may not be the noisiest spectator though. I'm a terrible cheerleader.

On the other hand, at today's volleyball tournament, I got quite loud. Well, I didn't. Paula did though. I think she may be a better cheerleader than me. Not only does she get loud, she gets others (usually those that know about Paula) to cheer along with her. But the good news is we took 3rd place in regionals! Go Winder 2!

I love these people!

Paula is Adaptable

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Oh my Paula. She does well with change. I don't. It helps having her around though. If I am wanting a specific change, it's not so bad, but sometimes even slight differences can make me absolutely crazy if I am not prepared for them. I like my routine and I'm awkward enough as it is (which is wonderful, I do love awkward) without any kind of interruption of that rhythm. I like being efficient. Don't get in the way of my rhythm. Here comes the random Disney quote:
"He threw off my groove!' 'I'm sorry, you've thrown off the Emperor's groove.' 'Sooooorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy!"

Working for a little start up company means there is a lot of this. Every once in a while, once things finally start to get settled, it seems they like to toss all the pieces up in the air and go, "WHEEEEE!" and play musical chairs in the office. Moving days are fun. The first week is the adjustment period, which we just did this past week. All week long, Paula has enjoyed the move and has been quite noisy. All week long, thanks to sitting by new teams and new people, I have heard giggles all week long. It makes the change a little easier to know Paula is spreading a little joy around the office.

I Will Never Be Satisfied

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

If you know me at all, you know I have a soft spot for Broadway musicals and will work a line from music scores into everyday conversations. This must be one reason Paula and I get along so well. Lately she has become quite the songbird. She sang before, but lately this is all she does. Remember how I've recently been introduced to Hamilton? Well, she has now made her karaoke performances public.

The thing is, it's still fairly obscure. Not many people catch my references just yet. The other day at work, Paula started singing "Satisfied" in between phone calls. Click the link if you need to hear the song. Paula only sang one line from the chorus, when Garrett turns and says, "I actually like this song."

First of all, I was surprised he knew the reference. Instant bonding for me. I mean, Garrett was awesome before, but he gained some instant respect. Not only did he know the reference, but sometimes, it's difficult to really hear what Paula is trying to sing. She may be a diva and an aspiring opera star, but she, on occasion, reminds me of Miranda Sings. Shhhh, don't tell Paula, I'll feel it all day long tomorrow if she knew... So I was impressed. You go Garrett!

Well That's New

Monday, November 7, 2016

So today I heard something I have never heard before regarding my Tourette Syndrome. This is saying a lot considering all my crazy stories. There is a relatively new guy at work. He's been around for a month or two, but I am just getting to know him. As all new friends do, he started asking questions about my Tourette Syndrome. This alone makes my day. I love being able to explain and help people understand.

During the conversation, however, a new question came up. I have heard all sorts of crazy questions (including the ever awkward, "Do you do it when making out?" Sorry, not the best pick up line there, sir) but Jackson made me giggle before he even finished the question. He knows I am LDS and hold to my beliefs. He asked me, "Do you think that with your standards, it's given you such a strong will and your heart is so pure (this is where I started to giggle) that may be the reason you don't have the swearing form of Tourette's?"

That was so sweet of him to think I am that good of a person, but I am human. Psst, come closer. In fact, I have sworn on occasion and NOT because of my Tourette's! *Gasp!* Nope, I'm just lucky that I got the cute little noises rather than the swearing form. Although, Paula does get me in trouble from time to time, and the way she is evolving, who knows what she is capable of. It might happen one day. Then I will have even more interesting stories!

Paula's Laugh

Friday, November 4, 2016

We know Paula is funny. She pulls some pretty crazy stunts. One of her most recent is her laughter. It amuses me to no end. Especially with her timing. This past week, my church held a meeting in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake. It's a stunning building! I love old architecture. Just look at this.

The stunning outside

The magnificent interior

One of the speakers, one of my peers, told a joke. The congregation laughed, then Paula laughed, followed by more laughter from the crowd. I was so entertained by this! I was sitting behind the stand in one of the choir seats, so I got a clear view of all the laughter and confusion in the crowd. So perfect.

She has been doing a lot of laughing lately. In fact, she did it today at work. However, Ashley didn't seem to recognize what exactly Paula was up to. She giggled and responded that it sounded like a duck. It made me laugh all the harder. And I thought my laugh was bad, at least I don't sound like a duck!

TWO Costumes for Halloween!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Paula is still up to her antics and shocking and scaring people. Even if Halloween is over. New people are certainly her favorite. Yesterday, she decided to be a Diva. I mean, she already is, but yesterday, all she did was sing all sorts of tunes. Very operatic like, so I picture her in full Viking garb holding a skull on stage and everything,
There's my Diva!

In full opera form, she sang famous tunes such as, "Happy Birthday" and "I Know Something You Don't Know." Oh, and a few legit high notes with vibrato and everything. The really fun part is the new guy at work. After one quiet, but stirring rendition of "I Know Something..." he shook his head and said, "I'm going to have to get used to this. I jumped." I think she was trying to help him do just that, as she suddenly decided to sing for him again, but louder this time. 

Cue laughter! Where is my laugh track?!? CUT!!! Who's in charge of sound? *Angrily stomps off stage*

Yep, my Diva.
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