Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh stars, time flies so quickly!! I can't believe so much time has passed since my last blog post!! Hopefully I will get myself back in line soon! Life has had so much going on, for example, I am now a college graduate. It's official, my degree came in the mail the other day! Huzzah!!! What does this have to do with TS?? Well, graduation always has big fancy ceremonies, duh! Unfortunately, I let down a lot of classmates who were hoping for more, but there were noises during the ceremony. As names were called to cross the stage, it was requested that people held their applause til the end. Hahaha. This is Hawaii, and the Polynesians (or any family of graduates for that matter, mine included) did not abide by that rule. I didn't either, to tell the truth. I don't remember who was walking across the stage as a nice loud yell came out... masked by the yells of the family of this particular graduate. Such a shame, he shall never know the gift I was trying to give. :) There was another outburst during Sister Elaine Dalton's speech, but it was a smaller murmuring one, that only the ICS students around me were able to hear and appreciate. At least someone heard it though. It makes it much more fun. This was only the beginning, with my family visiting Hawaii, we played tourist, which provided the setting for many more fun stories. Yay for more posts to follow!!!
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