Testing, Testing, 1-2-3!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I don't think I ever realized just how lucky I was to have Paula show up later in life, rather than at a young age. I don't think I ever realized just how much of a pain required paperwork can be. It wasn't relevant in elementary school, middle school or even high school for me. College made it a breeze at the testing center. But trying to take a test when I am no longer in college? Pain. In. The. Rear.

I hate paperwork. It is a one big reason I didn't finish my degree in Social Work! Even worse than paperwork is the idea of sitting in a room full or nervous people who would not appreciate any kind of distraction and I am unable to explain away all the dirty looks. Had that once before. Not willing to do that again. It gave me so much anxiety the first time that I up and left the test unfinished. I don't get that kind of anxiety often and that alone is a bad enough experience!

In order to take this test, I have to fill out a form and fax it in. Then I wait 4 days to make a phone call, where they tell me right off the bat I have to leave a voicemail, and someone will call me back within 48 hrs. It took them about a week to even send me that information in the first place! Awesome. It's hard enough to take this test, does it really have to be so difficult? Which is why I am now writing this article, rather than getting the paperwork taken care of and studying my eyes out. I am in serious need of some encouragement. Anyone else have a nightmare trying to accomplish some kind of test or project? Remind me it's worth it!

Noisy Time- Helpful Paula

Sunday, June 7, 2015

I thought this was rather awesome considering I had just shared a post on Facebook about a post from a while back about Quiet Time. Today Paula did a 180. It makes for a great follow up story.

Today in Sunday School, the teacher asked us to do an activity. As there usually is during an activity, the class got rather loud as they discussed ideas and opinions. The teacher then called for 30 more seconds to finish up their ideas and we would come together to discuss and share insights. She started to collect the cards we had been asked to write on, and was getting ready to attempt to quiet the masses. Not an easy task when people tend to get along the way they do in our ward. Don't you worry, Paula decided to step in and help. She is a very helpful, after all. She likes to pitch in when she can. So Paula spoke up loud and clear, and the noise level dropped in confusion as to where the noise came from and what it was. I saw a few confused looks, which have a tendency to make me giggle. I can only imagine the thoughts running through their minds as they hear this loud, unexpected noise then watch this girl start laughing in the silence. I'm not crazy, I promise. At least, not entirely. Paula did make it a lot easier for attention to turn back to the teacher though!
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