Party Time!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I went to an awesome Halloween party last night. The costumes were just so on par! I am super impressed. Mine was really simple and quite easy to throw together, but I'm sure many of these had been in the works for weeks in advance.

I went as a crayon. I had on a blue maxi, and put my hair up to look like the tip of a crayon. As it straight up. Super simple though, took me 5 minutes. Just for extra measure, I added a vest that looked like it could be an adult coloring book. Boom. Party ready.

But seriously, look at these awesome costumes. I wish I had gotten more photos!

Even Paula had a costume. Of course she did. She started off by screaming a few times. Some of the costumes were scary, ok? That ghost behind Tonks? Whoa.

Then she decided to turn into a bird. She got a few cheers, but she didn't win the costume contest. Such a shame.

This was the winning costume

Because Rosie the Riveter

In Preparation...

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween is getting closer. Lots of people are getting excited about this. I've already mentioned this is not my favorite holiday. It's not awful, there is no such thing as an awful holiday or reason to celebrate. But meh.

Paula on the other hand... She is getting excited. Her ghost noises have come back. Scaring people in silence of course is there, too. I was asked today about costumes. I plan on being a crayon for Halloween. Trust me, it's awesome. I'll be sure to take a picture for you. I was also asked what Paula plans on doing for Halloween.

Last year, she was a dog. This year... I have no idea. Who knows what she has planned? I'm a little nervous, but at the same time, thanks to her past Halloween hauntings, I'm actually getting a little excited for the holiday, too...

Teacher's Pet

Monday, October 24, 2016

Today we had a training at work. Thrilling. Captivating. The stuff dreams are made of. Well, the cupcakes were good and I loved the people... Paula even made an appearance at this work meeting. Most of us were not entirely enthralled, but it was good and helpful information.

As one of my co workers was called on to read off the presentation, Paula decided to jump in and share her two cents. She doesn't read very well, it seems, but she had to get on the teacher's good side somehow, right?

Karaoke Day

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Today has been set aside for chores. I am cleaning and meal prepping... My roommate and I have found we have similar tastes in music, so we have been jamming out all day. Paula has quite been enjoying herself all day with that. Then we turned on the Hamilton soundtrack...

At this, I need to explain something. It has taken me some time to warm up to this music. I did not fall instantly in love with it as so many of my friends have. I had heard about it, and listened to a few songs. There were a few catchy lines, but for the most part, the music was not my style. I had to get into the story before the music could grow on me. So today is the first time I've really been able to really enjoy it the way it should be enjoyed.

Before we turned it on, Megan started humming a few bars. Paula decided to sing along to this song. Keep in mind, I haven't listened to this much, so I don't really know the tunes very well, but apparently Paula does and was a fan before I was. I may be slow, but I caught on, and yes, I am now a fan.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Actually, I don't know if that term best describes me or Paula. Especially when we are excited. We both get to be a little chatty on big days!

Like today! Normally on my breaks at work, you will find me reading and walking laps around the building. Not today, folks! So what did I do instead? I visited just about every department at work pretending I was in elementary school and it was show and tell day.

I have a proof for my book. I looked it over for errors. Found a few. Fixed them. Approved everything. Now Amazon says it will be ready in 3-5 days and I am relaunching on Monday! I had to show everyone, "Look, I have a physical copy of my book!" Paula was just as chatty today, too. Probably more than I was, since I could only go around the office on my breaks...

I Was Framed!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Paula made me look insane the other day. I couldn't help laughing like a maniac, and it only added to the scene that played out beforehand. It may have appeared to be an evil plot, but Paula was just doing her thing!

The really interesting part is that Kimber started it! We had been messaging back and forth (as we work on opposite corners of the room. Things have gotten little slower at work, so the room was quiet. While I may not recall exactly what Kimber was trying to pull, I do remember threatening to send Paula after her. Kimber didn't think Paula would dare. The second I read Kimber's note, Paula let out a loud, blood curling scream!

Due to the quiet office, everyone jumped and had to gather their bearings for a minute or two.... While Kimber and I laughed like we escaped an asylum. Tis the season, I suppose, for creepy things like insane laughter and making people jump.

Paula Turns Shy?

Monday, October 10, 2016

The longer I have Tourette Syndrome, the more it tends to grow up an awful lot like a child. Paula is getting ready to turn about 14. I wish I could remember the actual date I started and throw her a birthday party. Maybe then she wouldn't be so bratty. It's kind of funny, she even seems to be going through that phase that girls tend to go through during that time (at least I did) where the self confidence wavers.

Lately I have noticed Paula become more defensive. People laugh at her antics, and she has started snapping back. Rather than laughing with them, she has started saying, "Hey!" and "What?" My poor little Paula is getting self-conscious! Part of me feels like a concerned parent, wondering what happened to my noisy little Paula. Then she kicks my shoulder and I say, "Oh there she is." Apparently the physical tics want a turn in the spotlight. Maybe she is not so shy after all.

Here We Go Again!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Remember how Paula's favorite holiday is Halloween? Well, she's already getting ready and getting excited. Step 1: Scare people out of their wits. Check. She even scared me today! I was NOT expecting this. Granted, I'm never expecting her antics, but her timing, as always, was on par.

For once, the call center at work was quiet. There was not a sound, which is unusual. No ringing phones, no contractors... we weren't even talking to each other between calls! You could hear a pin drop as we all worked on various projects.

All of a sudden, my head snaps back and I let out a loud, high pitched scream. I was pretty sure the poor woman behind me was about to have a heart attack!! I think my heart skipped a beat! However, at the same time, it was hilarious. Especially knowing Paula like I do. So I covered my mouth and tried not to make it known. I kept getting louder and louder until I am laughing like a maniac. Maybe one of those mad clowns roaming the country and scaring the wits out of people.

Definitely Halloween time. Be on your guard.

Hidden Talent

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sometimes, Paula can be that one friend. She's the one that points out that I have some hidden... well, I wouldn't say talent, more like a stupid human trick. She likes to point these out to people.She does things, people ask questions, and things just kinda go from there.

For example, today I was with a group of friends watching a religious broadcast. I quite love it and was wide awake taking notes. A few of us may have been a little drowsy. There were a few yawns going around. So Paula decided to wake everyone up with a loud and high pitched squeal. My friend Brett (who would only allow me to use is name if I mentioned what an amazing marketer he is-true story though) turns to me and asked, "Can you sing that high?"

Well, truth be told, I am a high soprano, and yes, I can sing that high. One day I should really test my range and see just how high I can go and see if I could actually break glass, because that would be an awesome talent.

Instead of breaking glass, it came out that I can in fact sound like a cricket. Like this. This one is a noise I can control. In fact, requires a lot of breath and control to make it, so it doesn't really count as one of Paula's animal noises. This one is all me.
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