Introducing Paula

Friday, May 29, 2015

In my off stage of writing, I have taken to calling my TS Paula. This name is courtesy of my dear friend Charli. In the past few years, I have seen such a distinct personality, she really deserves her own name. The more time passes, the more personality I see. I have always been a shy and quiet person, but the more Paula progresses, the more I get pushed into being the center of attention. Paula can capture the attention of an entire room in a moment, and I am left with everyone's eyes on me. Paula has brought me out of my shell with her outgoing and vibrant personality. She loves to be acknowledged.

For example, at work the other day. I have recently started a new job. One of my new co-workers happens to be named Paula. That was weird, I don't run into many people with that name, which is part of the reason I liked the name so much. At this new job, in order to keep everyone from going on break at the same time, we write our names on a white board so we know who is on break. Sometimes we forget to erase our names when we come back from break. Co-worker Paula had not erased her name as I was getting ready to go to break. I asked if she was back so I could erase her name. She told me to go ahead and erase it. As I did, my Paula decided to chirp in. Co-worker Paula clarified, "I guess she wasn't ok with you erasing her name." I guess my Paula wanted to go on break as well. I will continue to post more facets of Paula's personality (the TS Paula, not my co-worker, as awesome as she is!) with various stories. I love my TS!
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