I Am Proud to Be Different

Thursday, April 11, 2013

So today was interesting, I had a superb conversation at work today. This particular coworker was really upset at another coworker. He came to me, I believe in an attempt to make allies and I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. He considered this coworker very lazy, among other things. I mentioned that this "lazy coworker" simply needed a bit of patience and instruction because he is different. In reality, he is like me. I don't know this coworker's medical history, and I didn't claim to know what is going on, but he does show symptoms similar to mine. He doesn't have Tourette Syndrome, but there is something along the same spectrum, and I was surprised when I realized that this frustrated coworker couldn't see it. I can see it just by looking at him that there is something unique going on. The upset coworker just thought of him like anyone else, and was shocked when I told him what I saw. He didn't realize that people on this spectrum can be as high-functioning as my coworker and myself.

I explained my condition a bit more, that I have a neurological disorder that is on the same spectrum as autism and asperger's. I know I am high-functioning, and I can hide most differences. Most people only see (or rather hear) my tics, but there is something different in my brain and how it works. I don't see it as bad, though I don't always see it as good, either. It is what I make it and how I use it. I have 7 years of practice on this coworker of learning social rules (which my parents can tell you I have come a long way) and being able to function like I do. It was hard at times. For the most part, I was just blessed and lucky.

Even now, having this experience, I feel blessed to be in a position to explain. I was the first to point out to this upset coworker that something was different and that he might have been out of line. I didn't even tell him he was out of line. He knew that on his own once I told him. Most people don't talk about these differences. It's taboo. It isn't "politically correct" or "nice" to point out how people are different. It's almost like it is a bad thing. I simply point out things that are in common and explain a bit more in depth about who I am and my situation. I am different, and it's awesome. Trust me, I spent an entire semester analyzing the advantages of having TS and how it affects communication. I don't see these advantages being limited to simply Tourette Syndrome. It can be any quirk or difference, from being gay to cancer. I am the one who deals with it every day. I am the expert on what it is like to live with TS, so why should someone else tell me it is sad that I have it, even though I enjoy it, or how my brain works, when I am the only one inside my head?

The results are stunning when this is put into practice. The entire countenance of this frustrated coworker changed, and rather quickly. He realized he had come down very hard on this coworker and vowed to change, showing more patience towards this coworker who was no longer seen for his negative qualities of being "lazy and inconsiderate," but rather as a human being with struggles, just like the rest of us. Me having Tourette Syndrome makes a difference after all. I get to humanize others simply by explaining, not what is going on in their head, but by explaining my own life and what it is like inside my head. I am grateful that I can share inspiring stories, as well as the humorous ones that this blog was started for. As funny as they are, each is an opportunity to change another person's thinking forever. I am a life changer and I can't help it.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Parties are my favorite. I love being surrounded by awesome people and enjoying their company and getting to know new friends. Especially when new friends get to experience my "alternate personality" AKA Tourette Syndrome. At a recent birthday party for my friend Breanna, I happened to be ticking quite actively.Very few knew what was going on, and the rest didn't have much reaction... that is, until Garrett piped up. After one particularly loud tic, he turned to me and asked,

"Is that your mating call?"

At this point, the few who knew what was going on burst into laughter. I laughed so much I couldn't breathe as he continued,

"Because it's working."

This has to be one of my top favorite reactions, right up there with Alex Denney's song.

Apparently as I continued to tic, he turned to Warren and asked why I do that. Warren explained and apparently Garrett felt really bad. I wish he wouldn't, since it is one of my favorite memories and a great story to tell!! People like this make me happy. People are a favorite, too. And somehow I attract the most awesome people in my life, I just can't help it. :)

Timing is Everything

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I have the best time at work. I have so many funny experiences there, and the more it happens, the more I see people loosen up about my Tourette Syndrome and about me in general. I'm kind of weird. The other day I had Chris laughing so hard he almost wound up on the floor. We were sitting in the break room at work and I let out a couple of small tics, no big deal. Then I let out a loud one, which was immediately followed by a burp. I guess being the only woman working in the men's department makes something like that a little more shocking than if you knew me around my family. Of all the noises that I make, I think that was the last one Chris was expecting from me. The tic followed by a burp happens fairly often, and I think it is hilarious to watch how amusing other people find it. It is just like a tic to me, it just happens.

When I explain TS to someone who has never heard of it, I will usually compare it to other bodily functions that just happen like a cough or a sneeze. You can't control them, but you are aware of what is happening. You may even be able to hold back a cough for a while, but not for long, it eventually has to come out. Isn't a burp another one of those bodily functions that just happens? The timing, however, is quite entertaining. My TS certainly has a personality of it's own and the comedic timing is what makes all of my funny stories possible. It's not me, I just can't help it!

Short Story

Sunday, January 6, 2013

No really, shortest post ever. The other day, I did a shoulder tic. My shoulder thrust forward so fast that my earring fell into my lap. I was partially amused. A little worried that my tics increase as I am getting older. Pretty sure I will survive though, so mostly amused. :)

Ward Prayer

Friday, January 4, 2013

I love Sundays. I love the break from the rest of the week. A day I don't have to work, yet still have places to go and people to see. The ward I am attending for church gets together every Sunday night for ward prayer- a prayer, some refreshments and socializing. This past Sunday at ward prayer was particularly entertaining. I was chatting with my new friend Jeff, and the topic came up of Tourette Syndrome. I think we chatted about it for a good 20 minutes. I explained what I do, how often and other things, so Jeff definitely knew that I have TS. Just 5 or 10 minutes later, I had a nice, long, loud tic. I think I sounded like a dolphin. Since I was in the middle of a conversation with Jeff, I was looking at him when the tic came. His eyes got wide and even started to cower back as the noise continued. We had JUST talked about this, so his surprise caught me a bit off guard and I started laughing. Joanna and Sister Hughes commented from across the room, and we had a good chuckle. Jeff then asked if that was real, he thought I was pulling his leg or testing him or something. It was then that Cassy piped up and asked what was going on. She had missed the conversation on TS, and had only caught the conversation about television. She thought I was "imitating 'Switched At Birth' or something," which caused another round of giggles.
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