Monday, December 3, 2012

I make funny noises and I can't help it. Although sometimes, I can. Not my TS, mind you, but odd noises of a different sort. In the last  meeting of church, we are trying to get to know the girls in the ward better, so they started doing spotlights. This particular Sunday I was in the spotlight. One of the questions asked about hidden talents. I have the silly and useless ability to chirp like a cricket. I have been compared to many animals since developing TS, but a cricket is not one of them. I was then asked for a demonstration. I was amused by the reactions. This group of people at church didn't react a lot to my Tourette's, but they reacted a lot to my chirp, and it was funny how similar the reactions were to other people encountering my TS for the first time! I was thoroughly amused. It's interesting to see what affects different people in different ways. I don't know what the difference is between the two noises in their minds, but it was big in some. One member of the bishopric actually asked me to do it multiple times after church for others who didn't get to hear it. I am on occasion asked to do this with my TS noises, and I am unable to comply in those instances, but Bro. Garrett seemed to enjoy this noise quite a bit. And it's funny to me that I still can't help it!
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