One of my Favorite Songs...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I tried to post a video, but it won't work. Those who are friends with me on FB, should look at the videos I have been tagged in to find this song. It is one of my favorites. Mostly because it was written for me as an apology. Best apology I have ever received! The song is called "Jessica Is Cool." It was written by my friend Alex Denney.
One evening, I went to a group dinner with my friends Brian and Charli. There were several people there I didn't know, which made the evening fairly entertaining. Alex was playing the piano the first time I let out a squeak. After two or three, he yelled at me to "Stop that!!" Charli then yelled at him, "She can't!!!" Alex didn't quite believe that statement, so in a sarcastic tone retorted, "What does she have Tourettes or something?" Actually, yes. Yes, I do. He felt bad once he found out. I told him it was fine, I got a good laugh out of it. Then I got a song out of it. My life rocks, and I can't help it.

YSA Conference...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So this past weekend, there was a regional YSA Conference in Hawaii. All the young single adults mostly from Oahu, but also a few from outer islands came together for various activities and fun together. There was over 400 planning on attending this shindig. This year it was hosted in Laie, so I was still able to attend classes (lucky me!) while playing with new and old friends. I enjoyed the whole conference, the food, the dancing, the workshops... but one of my favorite moments had to be Thursday night. After various activities in the Laie Hawaii Temple, we gathered together for a large dinner in the stake center next door. I sat on one of the outside tables with a few friends. All of a sudden, there it was... a loud, long squeal. The kind that can echo in a room full of people. I watched every head in the room turn to face my direction. What do I do with all this attention? I laugh. The faces were so confused! I found it entertaining. Shame on me for laughing at the discomfort of others I guess, but pretty sure I continue to enjoy the responses I get. Friends who knew me that were on the other side of the room cheered. I laughed, and most of the room continued with dinner after a moment or two. How do you explain that to a room full of people? Unfortunately, many were not let in to my little secret, but I can't help it. :)

Tipa the Two Year Old

Monday, August 1, 2011

So last week, there was a farewell party for my friend Miles. The house he lives in is owned by a Samoan family and there us a little boy named Tipa that is always running around. Tipa decided he wanted to come to Miles' party. As he is running around being his cute little two year old self, I let out a loud and long squeal as he was playing next to me. He spun around and had this look of horror as I did. It was the look of,"What did I do wrong?!?" His face was simply adorable, and many of us started laughing. He picked up that is was ok, so he started laughing and in traditional Samoan style, gave me a nice sasa... He slapped me. Which only made me laugh harder. I have decided that it is going to be very entertaining to be around children... It's awesome and I can't help it!
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