Tourette Syndrome may not be a new thing, but it is new to a lot of people. For people who have Tourette Syndrome, here are a few of my favorite links to get you connected.

Tourette Association of America:
Find others with Tourette Syndrome in your area!

Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation:
Brad is a huge inspiration to me! He wrote a great book about his experience become a teacher with Tourette Syndrome. It was certainly hard, but it shouldn't hold you back from anything!

Camp Twitch and Shout:
Summer camp for other kids with Tourette Syndrome! I want to volunteer here!

Brain Balance Centers:
Dr. Robert Melilo has the best theory I've seen about the cause of Tourette Syndrome (as well as Autism, Asperber's, ADD and OCD) and has developed programs to help relieve symptoms, maybe even eradicate them if desired (I like mine, thank you very much!).

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