Paula is Successful!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I have been so incredibly grateful this entire week. First, for all the amazing people I have in my life. They are fun, they are inspiring, they are everything I want to have in my life. They keep me busy and this is a great thing! I am so lucky to have them in my life and I'm fairly certain Paula has played a large role in cementing many of these relationships. Either by breaking the ice to speak with them, by being able to share and open up, which led to deeper conversations or maybe they just like her more. She is entertaining, and I wouldn't be surprised. Whichever way it is, these people are in my life and I am a better person for it.

Secondly, I am finally living a dream. My elementary school yearbook predicted I would be an author. I took a little longer to realize it, but I love that I have written a book! I love how many people find it interesting and want a copy! I love the conversations it opens! I love that this book is doing more than I ever could and I get to tag along for the ride!

Thirdly, not only am I living a dream, but it is successful! It hasn't even become available yet and I already get to be featured on a website! It won't happen until the book is actually published, but I am making connections and working on getting on a few podcasts, too!! Paula Jean has really done a number on my life and I am oh so grateful to have her in my life!!

Paula Loves People

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sometimes Paula is a little bit more considerate than I am. Today in church, the teacher asked for a volunteer to write a list on the board as the class called out suggestions. Paula was quick to volunteer. Luckily for me and my terrible handwriting, so were a couple of other girls, so I was off the hook. Now I have to be careful where I take Paula if she is going to start volunteering for things. Don't get me wrong. I like to give and to serve. I should probably be careful going to auctions though. She might get me into a bit of trouble!

Sometimes it can be helpful though. I went with my ward to Bear Lake this weekend (and had a blast, thanks for asking! SO beautiful!). I went up a day later than others though, so I had to find the girls that I was staying with so I could put my stuff in the tent. While she didn't use their specific names, she seemed to be attempting to play Marco Polo. It still took a while to find them, but find them we did! I sure love my sweet and giving Paula!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The other day I went to a brunch with a few people from work. It was a reward for recognition for the month of May. Yay me! Paula was super excited. She was quite active as we sat in the cafe. I got there late and sat at the opposite end of the table from everyone I usually work with, but they knew I was there! As did the several waiters taking care of us. As we were getting ready to go, my friends commented on the entertainment of watching the waiters trying to figure out what was going on and why no one else was reacting.

However, my favorite part of the whole brunch was near the end. Paula shouted at a stranger and we made eye contact as he was walking past our table. This guy became my new favorite person as he walked past and said, "That's how I feel, too." I responded with, "Right?" I then laughed about it for the rest of the day!

Nephews Are The Greatest!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Over the weekend, I went home for my nephew's 4th birthday. This kid is a stud! He already has a dirt bike (with training wheels of course!) and a mo-hawk. He also loves his Aunt Jessie. He made me promise months ago that I would be home for his birthday. The funny thing is that his parents took him into Vegas to a water park with his cousins. Which meant I got to stay home and babysit his little brother. Also a stud. He doesn't have a mo-hawk just yet, but he can't even talk yet either, so he might be a little young.

At just 14 months, he is a hoot. He is so different from his older brother! When Brantley (the now 4 yr old) was this age, he did not like Paula. He didn't like loud noises in general and when Paula showed up, he would look at me, and slowly start to cry. Then we would have to basically start over every time I came home. He would be super shy and sling to his mom before he would warm up to me.

Rowdy, on the other hand, is no where near as cautious as his brother. In any way! He follows Brantley anywhere, even if he doesn't have the coordination and ends up falling on his face. I have photos of this kid with a mouth full of blood- and smiling! he is fearless and as happy of a baby as anyone could want. So when Paula shows up, he will always turn and face me before smiling. On occasion, he would even giggle at me. That just made me melt. It was a good distraction for him to get into something. He is one you have to keep an eye on! I just love these boys!

Shout Out to You!

Friday, June 17, 2016

See what I did there? I just wanted to take a break from Paula's antics to say thank you. Thank you for reading my blog posts, for your excitement about my book, and for just being a part of my life. Maybe I'm feeling reflective since the play is ending soon. Maybe it's the thought of publishing my 100th blog post (!), the lesson in church this past week on gratitude or even all the great things soon to be happening with my book launch and continuing to write. Whatever the reason, today I am grateful for you.

I've joined a few FB support groups for TS as of late and sometimes I am amazed at how often people are discouraged and embarrassed by their tics, as well as some of the terrible things people say and do. It makes me ever so much more grateful for the wonderful people I know and for the love and support shown to both me and Paula. I am grateful for the excitement for my book. I am grateful for the laughs. I am grateful for the interactions between you and Paula, and I am grateful to be able to both watch and be a part of all this at the same time. So THANK YOU for reading and for your love and support!!

Paula is Proud

Monday, June 13, 2016

She is proud in a good way, though. Remember this rehearsal that Paula loves so much? Sadly, these are over. This week has been absolutely, crazily wonderful. I can't believe how blessed I have been to spend time singing and dancing with some of the most inspirational people I have ever met! Paula sure loved them, and was so proud of what we accomplished.

We had our dress rehearsal on Thursday evening. After we did some visiting with those that came to give feedback, our amazing director told us to give ourselves a round of applause. As the clapping died down, Paula cheered with a  "whoo-hoo!!" Commence laughter. Paula got a few cheers herself for that one! A few shouts of, "Yay Paula!" and "I love Paula!" were also heard.
I love these people and this experience.

MTC Throwback!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

I figured I would give this Throwback Thursday idea a try! Paula started loving attention around the time I went into the Missionary Training Center back in 2007. She started becoming much louder than she had before. In fact, it became a game for her, as well as those in my class learning Spanish as we went to various locations. She has quite the range! The MTC in Provo can accommodate up to 3,800 missionaries (at least that is the current number. It might have been less back in the day!) On Tuesday nights, there was a devotional and we would put as many as would fit in one large room to hear the speaker. My companion and I were a little late and were on the very back row. Paula got a nice loud screech out before the meeting started and we watched the rest of our class (on about the fifth row) whirl around in their seats searching for me!

It was there I also received the first nickname regarding my TS. One day as I was teaching a lesson, my teacher at the time forgot my name. I was still pretty new, so it is understandable. So for her notes, she wrote at the top of the page where it should have had my name, "Hermana Hipo." The Spanish translation is "Sister Hiccup." At the time I was undiagnosed, so it was the closest description we really had! Good times back in the day!

Attitude & Sass

Saturday, June 4, 2016

I continue to be amazed at how much personality Paula has. She is even expanding her vocabulary to prove how sassy she is.

The other day at rehearsal (of course!) she let off a few chirps. It's gotten to a point where the cast now responds to Paula's antics. She got a quick reply of, "Oh, really!" Her chirps may show a certain level of sass, but not near as much as her quick reply, "Yeah, buddy!" This isn't even a phrase I use!! I have no idea where it came from. It actually leaves me a little speechless. Not really good when I profess to be a writer, but you are welcome for the short post today!

Rough Day

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Yesterday was the worst I have ever seen my tics. My physical tics were incredibly active and painful. Both shoulders and my back were moving way more than a person who normally sits at a desk all day should. It even went up into my neck a few times. I hurt so much by the end of the day and my muscles were SO tight.

I eventually couldn't stand it any more and asked a friend of mine to work out at least one massive knot I had in my back. As she worked, my right arm started turning red as I suddenly had so much more blood flowing through my veins. It worried me a little. I also have a chiropractor appointment today. I need that as much as I need the massage, guaranteed!

On the upside, I am so very grateful that I have such sweet friends who are willing to take care of me. I hate asking for anything, and I wanted to cry when she was so willing. Also upside, I'm grateful something as simple and easily accessible as a massage will help on bad days. I might have to find myself an affordable massage therapist. Maybe I can get some kind of deal with a medical need! hahaha!
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