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I love hearing from you! Tell me what you think of my blog, my stories or my areas to improve. Tell me YOUR interactions with a friend who has TS, or your own story about having TS. Or what you had for dinner... whatever.


  1. Hi,
    I know your MOM from the PO The first time we met it was early morning she comes in as I am bring the mail and say's "I am not a morning person" I knew then I would like her.
    Your wonderful book came in mail today,I love it (I read a lot too)
    I gave my son a copy, he is handycapable (high functioning Aspergers Syn)
    Hope he likes it.
    Thank you for your book say Hi to Paula for me!

    Tom Matthews
    P.S. Dee & I like to brag to each other about our kids she is sooo proud of you.

  2. Hi Jess. You have an inspiring story and approach to your TS. Great example. Given the depth of research you have done, you may have already learned about this. The reason I'm sending this along is to let you know about a novel approach to TS. I am LDS living in WA, also a dentist who has a focus in my practice on TMD/TMJ.
    TS can often be dramatically improved by repositioning the mandible and altering the neurological traffic on the Trigeminal nerve.
    You can see some videos of one of the leaders in this approach by going to Youtube and searching for "brendan stack movement disorders". Dr. Stack has several videos that discuss treating TS. I have also had some success with patients who were in dire straits with movement disorders / tics, by making treatment orthotics that repositioned the mandible.
    If you would like to talk more about it and how its done, please feel welcome to contact me personally. Lee Ostler


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