Paula Likes to Play

Monday, August 28, 2017

Maybe Paula gets along so well with children is because of how much she likes to play. That and she always likes to be in the middle of things. Sounds a lot like children to me...

The other day I walked into an office and there was this adorable little girl with curly red hair running around with her arms out and pretending to be a ghost. We know Paula loves Halloween and has been known to make ghost noises. So she jumped right in with Hope making ghost noises.

Hope thought that was quite great and went around tagging other people telling them they are now ghosts, too.

Favorite Auntie Status

Friday, August 25, 2017

So remember how good Paula is with kids? She certainly has lots of good experiences with them. My own dear nephews are no exception. The youngest of my nephews, Rowdy, is incredibly smart and knows he can get what he wants without talking. So most of the time he grunts, points and uses sign language. Having spent so much time with my boys last week while home with my family, Rowdy may have picked up a new habit that my sister isn't thrilled with...

It's not like I can hide Paula from them. she made a few loud appearances, which the boys thought were great. They both giggled and Brantley (the older nephew) started making more odd noises. It was Rowdy though who took this to the next level.

My sister called my mom to check on her, and little Rowdy stole the phone. Ironic given he doesn't say much. What melted my heart was after a few grunts, he let out a Paula scream. Sister wasn't too happy with this new development. But I mean, he basically asked for me by name. Totally just claimed favorite auntie status...

Paula's Big Game

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

So for the past week, I've been home babysitting my mom who just had a foot surgery. I had to make sure she didn't get up and try to do much, as any pressure would pop her stitches. Problem is, mom doesn't sit very well... It was good to be home, but now it's back to the grind. That doesn't mean Paula came away without any good stories.

Like the night that Dad was flipping though TV channels to find something to watch. He paused for a moment on a baseball game, checked the score and moved on. Who knew Paula was such a huge baseball fan, she screamed when he changed it, then proceeded to mumble at him. Someone was not happy!

Beginnings and Endings

Thursday, August 17, 2017

I'm glad I'm suddenly getting so many great stories from Paula, but not gonna lie, I'm nervous about Paula disappearing when I no longer work around such wonderful people. Which is silly, Paula has been with me for so long, I don't think she'll just disappear, but at the same time, I am a little nervous.

Anyways, the real story was from a large meeting at work. As we slowly filter in from the different departments, there is a lot of chatter as people find friends and people they started with. As we get closer to the start time, Paula gave a loud scream, silencing the room just as the meeting started.

The meeting ran for about an hour with a lot of news regarding a lot of changes. There were a few squeals of excitement and a few times Paula decided to talk back. Despite her personal opinions on the meeting overall, Paula is still her helpful self and basically let out a closing bell as well. Her final scream happened at the conclusion of the meeting.

Apparently, everything starts and ends with Paula...

You Better Believe It!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I'm a little worried about this whole leaving the job thing, because where am I going to get all my good Paula stories? Paula loves my co workers and plays with them so much. They give her all sorts of attention, which is her favorite thing.

This company has been growing and is constantly hiring new employees. There are still people learning that I am a writer and that's why I am leaving. One new employee asked me if I published under my own name or a pen name. When I explained that I publish under the pen name Paula Jean Ferri, she wasn't surprised and responded, "Paula has a bigger voice than you do, huh?"

Oh, did Paula like that comment! She went off with that idea. To which I could only reply, "Yes. Yes, she does."

Paula's Copycat?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

So my life is crazy right about now. So in case you don't know, I quit my job in order to write full time. Well, mostly. There will be part time jobs as research for characters, but I am going to fully and completely focus on writing. So I have put in my two weeks notice at work, and my time is drawing short. Which is really weird. I've been there over two years. It's a hard adjustment.

These co-workers have become my family. I love them. I think they kinda like me, too, but I certainly know they love Paula. They think about her even when I'm not around. Like the other day when Mykala and Kimber were in the break room. It was so great that Kimber told me after about the conversation.

Walking en route, Kimber started to whistle. Mykala started to spin around, finally asking Kimber, "Is that Paula?"

Paula seems to not only have her own fan club, but my little copycat has copycats of her own.

What's Your Excuse?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Paula is quite a strong personality. That's been quite clear. Sometimes she is strong enough to actually intimidate people. Take for example, my poor roommate Becky. Paula loves Becky. I'm often amused at how Paula can still catch Becky off guard, though, despite their many conversations.

For example, one night, we had a conversation regarding a movie we were needing to watch. We started planning snacks. Popcorn is an essential, right? Becky doesn't like popcorn! Paula was not in the mood for such foolery... She gasped in shock.

Poor Becky, she then felt the need to defend her position. I'm not sure what she thought Paula was going to actually do... but it was enough to get a response from Becky!

What a bully, Paula.

Chatty Paula

Saturday, August 5, 2017

I don't know if it's the fact that there is a full moon coming soon, if it's the fact that I put in my two weeks notice at work or what, but Paula is having a hard time letting me work. She keeps going off at work. She is having full conversations- either with herself or others. She has been having a lot of fun with my co workers so I am leaning towards the fact that I suddenly won't be surrounded by all of these wonderful friends that I now consider like family.

I have learned so much working for this company. I couldn't even attempt working on my own and creating my own business around my writing had I not been part of this start up and seen the inside of watching a company grow. So maybe Paula is just trying to re-create the fond memories she has had with these people and express her gratitude in the only way she knows how.

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