Paula Is Festive!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

This year, my work had a costume contest. I was dressed as Disgust from Inside Out. Great movie. I had a friend who was dressed as a scarecrow. When Paula saw her, Paula barked. For those of you that know me and my tics, you know I do a lot of animal sounds, but I don't often bark like a dog. Paula leans towards more exotic animals like peacocks. So the barking like a small dog is relatively new. This friend replied that wasn't quite the scarecrow she was going for, but that Paula could be her Toto.

Paula got a little quiet for a while until another co worker asked what Paula was for Halloween. She then barked again. I think Paula liked the idea of being Toto for Halloween, and many of my vocal tics that day were barking. There were a few festive Halloween noises tossed in as well. She threw a few ghost noises out, and an opera singer or two, but they were always creepy and dark and very fitting given the time of year.

Paula officially likes holidays, and I think Halloween may be her favorite! Not only does she make the festive sounds, but I think most people know how much she loves to make people jump. She is very good at being creepy. I would walk behind people and she would shout, making the person I was behind levitate. While Halloween might not be my favorite holiday, I'm pretty convinced it is Paula's!
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