Christmas Songs

Monday, January 2, 2012

I love to sing. I studied music for three years while at Snow College. One day, I will have to go back and write those stories, once I catch up on current ones. :) While I don't often squeak while I sing, my evolving Tourette's has started to sing along when I wasn't planning on it. I have been known to "sing along" with "Carol of the Bells" and others. I don't try, but as I said, these things have a mind of their own!

Just as entertaining about the Christmas Songs were during church. One week it was announced that the opening song would be "Silent Night." Cue Squeaks. Someone turned around and in a loving, joking manner, responded with, "SILENT Night! Shhh!" However, announcing the closing song to be "Joy to the World" the squeaks seemed a bit more appropriate here, so I just got giggles instead of the reprimand. I can't help it! :)
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