Temple Flashback

Sunday, November 11, 2012

So I have had Tourette Syndrome (well, been making noises and it was noticeable) since I was 17. So I had TS for a while before I started writing this blog. There are so many good stories that I need to sit down and write about before the memory completely disappears. Hence today's post! In my original post (the very first one) I mentioned a few stories that I would come back to. Today is the lucky day!! The first one is about my first trip to the temple.

It was May 2007. My TS had been evolving and changing, as well as becoming more frequent. This particular day in May was no exception to that. Maybe it was the nerves/excitement of going through the temple for the first time, but I was certainly on a roll! I was going off possibly about every 5 minutes or so as my mom and I drove around the city of Las Vegas running errands before we actually went to the temple.  I can't think of anytime since then that they have been that active! However, once I stepped inside the temple, something changed. I don't know what it was, but suddenly, I went quiet. Trips to the temple usually take about 2 hrs or less, but the first time through, I think it takes about 4 or 5 with everything that is going on. And NOT ONCE in those 4 or 5 hours did I make a noise.

That is not the end of the story though. It is one thing for the TS to come and to go, maybe I was just done for the day and that would explain my silence. What stands out most to me about that day is the dinner I had with my family afterwords. Those that had come to be with me in the temple that day came to dinner with us at Olive Garden. I love Italian food. Almost as soon as we had gotten our seats, I squeaked. We all had a good chuckle at the confused waiter. And they kept coming. And coming. As before, they were coming every 5 minutes.

That was the point where I quit worrying about them. I had been getting more and more curious as to what was going on, and my parents were very concerned, which did affect me as well. Not after that day, though. All worry and concern on my part stopped. My line of thinking went something along the lines of how Heavenly Father loves and respects these sacred places. If He cared enough to silence these noises for so long so I could focus on what was going on around me, He would surely do it again if there was ever a need for it. He knows me. He knows what these noises are, and He has it under control. I have never worried about them since. I have been free to laugh and enjoy them without any reservation. So while He may have control over them, I still am kept on my toes and I can't help it.

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