Tourette Syndrome

Tourette Syndrome is often explained in literature as a neurological disorder characterized by different types of tics. It is unclear what exactly causes Tourette Syndrome, which makes finding a “cure” rather difficult. Treatments range anywhere from diet and exercise to medication and even extends by some to exorcism. The treatment depends on what one considers to be the cause.

Tourette Syndrome usually contains at least one physical and one vocal tic. Tics vary within individuals. For example, one person may have coprolalia (the rare, but well-known and stereotype of Tourette Syndrome, where the individual swears or yells other obscenities), while another individual may bark or scream as their vocal tic. Others may have a form known as echolalia, where they echo noises, words or phrases they hear around them. There can be multiple tics within the individual, making the same person do both a shoulder twitch and walk in circles as a motor tic.

It is occasionally linked to the autism spectrum, along with Asperger's, OCD and ADD. All five have similar sympotms and again, treatments vary greatly within individuals. Individuals with Tourette Syndrome are often also diagnosed with one or more of the other irregularities on this spectrum.

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