What the Heck?

Saturday, April 1, 2017

I mean, seriously, Paula. That was uncalled for. Usually, she and I have a pretty decent understanding of what is appropriate. She doesn't go off much in the temple, when I'm singing/performing, etc. But this time she crossed a line and I'm going to have to figure out something to do with her. This might even push me to the point of medication I'm so upset.

It doesn't help that it was an awkward situation to begin with. Strangers don't know about Paula right off the bat and take me for face value. So I was out and about today running my errands, and a complete stranger comes over and starts having a conversation. I'm a friendly person and can hold conversations, but this got weird really fast. About 15 minutes in, this guy starts talking about how beautiful I am and how kind I am to talk to a stranger, and he's never met anyone like me. I don't mind hearing stuff like this, but so much that soon is a little unsettling.

He then proceeds to tell me how he would love to take me out on a date and if I'd let him, he'd kiss me right now. Stranger. 15 minutes. Umm, no. However, Paula decided to intervene with an excited squeal. His eyebrows leap up and he asks, "Really?" Before I had a chance to explain, Paula pipes up again with her, "Yeah, yeah, yeah" tic. So he grabs me and kisses me. Not cool, Paula! I then had to explain not one, but TWO awkward tics and a lot of misunderstanding. I mean, I knew she was a flirt, but whoa!


  1. That is an epic April 1st kind a tale. :D
    Gave me a good, much needed chuckle. :D :D :D

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