Paula Goes to the Movies

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The other night, I went to the movies. I went with my friend Traci. Her work had rented out the entire theater, and it was full. Traci and I were on the back row. During the previews, I guess Paula got a little excited for the movie. She got nice and loud and pretty much every head in the theater turned. She has a great range. There was a lot of laughing and a few questions of, "What the hell was that?!?"

What I found entertaining was how long it lasted. The next preview had begun, there was still laughter and swiveling heads in every direction. Paula watched the movie very intently and didn't make another appearance, which was unfortunate.

The people directly surrounding us were all friends of Traci's. Once we had caught our breath from laughing, they were still wide eyed looking at me, so this small few got an explanation. It was short considering the movie was starting, but sufficient to stop the staring. More an more people have heard about Tourette's, so I don't have to explain it as often, but I do still get a lot of questions, which I love.Sadly, the movies don't facilitate a conversation. Good thing there will be more opportunities in the future!

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