Crossing the Line

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I am glad others enjoy Paula so much. She can really be a bit of a pill sometimes. Sure, she's funny, but sometimes there's a line. And sometimes she dances on it. Like when she goes off ALL. DAY. LONG. I'm sorry, after a while it's just not funny. She still thinks she hilarious. So do several others.

Granted, she had a few good moments today. Here's a new trick, she combined a few different noises that she usually makes and put them in context. She made her loud creaky door sound, which that alone caused a few giggles. It hasn't come out in a few years so no one at the office had really heard it before. For the record, that one is rough on the vocal chords and not my favorite.

When Renae commented on her noise, Paula had to be her bratty self. In the same voice, she croaked, "Yep!" Which caused another round of giggles. Now she is combining her noises with her words. Heaven, help me with Paula, pushing boundaries the way she does.

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