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Monday, January 18, 2016

So my previous post was about Paula's imitations of various noises or phrases. This is actually a lesser known form of Tourette Syndrome, known as Echolalia.

Once I learned this was an actual "thing" I started to realize how often it actually happens in my life. Not only that, but how long I have been doing it, even before I realized I had Tourette Syndrome. If you have ever watched a movie with me, you would know that I repeat lines in the movie. A comment was made once, so I tried to make a conscious effort to stop. I thought it would be a simple habit to break. Then I started to realize how often I repeat things, not just movies. Even being aware of it, I still do it. Now I just make an effort to be more quiet when I do it. The weird part is that it is me doing it, not even "Paula." She does it in her own way, but during movies it is not Paula's voice, so it was harder to catch.

Echolalia is something Paula does as well, though. Paula evolves as time passes, she learns more "phrases." She mimics, "I know something you don't know" and can say "Thank you." Every time Paula "speaks," it's the word "meh" and very high pitched, but always to the right tone and rhythm  of how we would say a phrase. She has started saying words as well, from "Weeeee!" to "Whoa!" and even the occasional, "Yeah!" She even manages to stay in context, too.

When I tell people I have Tourette Syndrome, 9 times out of 10, I get asked, "So, you swear and stuff?" This is the form called Coprolalia. Out of all the people who have Tourette Syndrome (and really, how many do you know?), only 1 in 10 have Coprolalia. Echolalia is just as uncommon.These are the only forms of Tourette Syndrome that have a classification, as most tics vary so much in individuals.

So this is something that I do and can't control. I am a bit of a copy cat, and in my own oddly unique way. Good thing I have always been a fan of cats, otherwise, I could create awesome displays like this:

I need to live in a place that will allow pets...


  1. Hah, that is so interesting!!! I (and my entire family) do the repeating movies (or anything else we like the sound of) thing, all the time. I have started being quieter about it like you, but I really can't stop myself sometimes! It's like I just need to feel myself say certain words or figure out how to imitate them. I am a fan of accents and imitations ;) how funny that it can be a Tourette's thing too! And how cool that Paula is expanding her vocabulary!

    1. It fascinates me the things I learn from Paula! You can definitely tell when it is Paula and when it was me, but the lines are starting to get fuzzy!


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