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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

You may be wondering what an auto parts store has to do with Paula, or Tourette Syndrome. Well, Paula made an appearance here last week, for one. Secondly, it was a new experience for me. Usually when I run my errands, they happen Paula-free. Seems she doesn't like the whole "responsible adult" thing! I have never seen her pop up while I am at a bank, getting my oil changed or even grocery shopping!

So I was caught a little off guard when she popped up at Napa. Not only was I running errands, but I was leaving and saying good bye. Rather than saying good bye, Paula decided to get her two cents' worth in first. I watched the poor clerk as his jaw hung open and he blinked a few times, not sure what to do. How could I not laugh? I then in my usual fashion, translated, "Paula wanted to say good bye and thank you as well!" Problem is, this guy didn't know who Paula was either, so there was no change in his expression. It took me a second to realize I had to explain what was actually going on before I could let myself walk out the door. Usually I like to leave people guessing until they actually ask me a question about what is going on. Problem was, this poor guy wouldn't have a chance to ask as I was walking out the door. Especially not in his state of shock! So as I walked out the door, I hollered, "It's ok, it's just Tourette Syndrome." Luckily the confusion in his face went away as a relieved look took it's place. At least he knew what it was to understand so quickly so I could move on with my errands, but it was still entertaining!

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