Saturday, December 1, 2018

Well, so it's been a couple of months. They have been quite difficult for me, and it rarely had anything to do with Paula, so I just kind of disappeared. With all of the personal issues going on and that continues to happen, I wanted to take a second to, first of all, thank you for your patience and sticking with me. Secondly, I wanted to take a minute to stop and look back at how far I have come.

When I first started this blog, life was so drastically different. I was living in Hawaii, had just received an official diagnosis for my TS, though I had been living with it significantly longer than that. I had spent the semester studying Tourette Syndrome and how it affects communication, and I realized what a benefit it has been in my life and how much more I could do with it.

I don't think I would be facing everything in my life quite as well if I hadn't first figured out how to utilize awkward things. Awkward moments can be hard to deal with, but I feel like I've cracked the code. The same principles have crossed over into dealing with tragedy and fear. I am a better person and more capable of handling whatever comes my way thanks to my Tourette Syndrome. Even better, I can help others to do the same. I have been given a huge gift, not only personally, but professionally as well.

I have come a long way from that very first squeak in the public library my senior year of high school. I have come even farther since my diagnosis and study of Tourette's. I have come so far since publishing my first book. Even more in the last year that I have really given it more focus and attention. The things I have faced in the past two months may be difficult, but by the end of the year, I will have gone even farther and face an amazing 2019.

Many of you know how much I absolutely adore the New Year holiday. Yes, I have already started my celebration of it, even though we haven't really gotten through Christmas yet. All of the progress that I continue to make has been increasing in intensity and momentum. Which means 2019 is going to be out of control with its level of amazingness.

Because of my excitement, as well as because of the season, I want to share something with you. Part of the reason my year has been so amazing, despite everything that has happened, is because I have been studying with a mentor named Benjamin Hardy. He has created an online course called AMP. It stands for Accelerated Momentum Program.

Last year, I invested $1,000 to get in this course and it has been worth the money. The cost is the same this year, but here's the thing, I want to help other people succeed, too. This is a season for giving, reflection, excitement and new things. SO, I want to offer this course to you for half the price. If you are interested in joining me on my journey, rather than simply following along, if you are interested in changing the life you have, simply upgrading your abilities or just want to try something new, comment below, send me a message on Facebook, or send me an email at and I will get you the information. This is only valid while Ben is still taking applicants. It will likely end around the start of the new year.

Guys, I can't even tell you how much of a steal this is to get in for just $500. Totally promise it's worth it. In fact, I'm working on a project to toss in a few things of my own for you as well, so be sure to let me know if you are interested and I'll toss in a few extras to REALLY make it worth your while.

You are amazing. Sounds like a change of topic, but just know it's legit.

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