Sassy Pants!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Yeah, we all know Paula is a sassy pants type of person. Which makes it fun when she is around other sassy pants people. The back and forth just gets SO entertaining!! I still work with Adelana, but we are now in different departments, this is a different sassy co worker. And oh, was Paula on one today!!

Ashley was looking for something and exclaimed, "I can't find it!" To which Paula instantly imitated every part with the exception of actual words. She is still working on those. Ashley was not impressed.

She turned to me with a sharp gasp and said, "Oh she did not!"

Ashley went all "mom" on Paula. I was too busy laughing to give Paula a change to give a response. It actually had me laughing most of the day! This is one of my new favorites I think! Then again, most of Paula's stories are...

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