Time Marches On

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

So the past few days while I am waiting on some finalization for my book, I have had a few dear friends drop into town and I was able to spend a few hours with some of the special people in my life. I love that no matter how long I am away from these people, the comfort level never changes and conversation flows so easily about every concern and detail of my life. I love having people to confide in.. Even a few tics that I'm not ready to publicly share. Maybe one day I can get to those.

Both of these visits with both of these friends, Paula was sure to make her appearance. She got almost as chatty as I did! Not only that, but one friend even got to see my new flirty tic and saw me wink a few times. I love having people understand me on such a level, having known me for many years, and am amazed at how often even they had to ask questions as things have evolved and changed. Even a span of a couple months, Paula can change and evolve so much, much less years.

While they spend time getting reacquainted with Paula, I'm glad they still know and understand me. I know I run the two together a lot, but they are quite different and distinct. It's good to know people still know me, even when Paula catches them off guard.

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