Party Time!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

I went to an awesome Halloween party last night. The costumes were just so on par! I am super impressed. Mine was really simple and quite easy to throw together, but I'm sure many of these had been in the works for weeks in advance.

I went as a crayon. I had on a blue maxi, and put my hair up to look like the tip of a crayon. As it straight up. Super simple though, took me 5 minutes. Just for extra measure, I added a vest that looked like it could be an adult coloring book. Boom. Party ready.

But seriously, look at these awesome costumes. I wish I had gotten more photos!

Even Paula had a costume. Of course she did. She started off by screaming a few times. Some of the costumes were scary, ok? That ghost behind Tonks? Whoa.

Then she decided to turn into a bird. She got a few cheers, but she didn't win the costume contest. Such a shame.

This was the winning costume

Because Rosie the Riveter

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