I Will Never Be Satisfied

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

If you know me at all, you know I have a soft spot for Broadway musicals and will work a line from music scores into everyday conversations. This must be one reason Paula and I get along so well. Lately she has become quite the songbird. She sang before, but lately this is all she does. Remember how I've recently been introduced to Hamilton? Well, she has now made her karaoke performances public.

The thing is, it's still fairly obscure. Not many people catch my references just yet. The other day at work, Paula started singing "Satisfied" in between phone calls. Click the link if you need to hear the song. Paula only sang one line from the chorus, when Garrett turns and says, "I actually like this song."

First of all, I was surprised he knew the reference. Instant bonding for me. I mean, Garrett was awesome before, but he gained some instant respect. Not only did he know the reference, but sometimes, it's difficult to really hear what Paula is trying to sing. She may be a diva and an aspiring opera star, but she, on occasion, reminds me of Miranda Sings. Shhhh, don't tell Paula, I'll feel it all day long tomorrow if she knew... So I was impressed. You go Garrett!

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