Paula's Copycat?

Saturday, August 12, 2017

So my life is crazy right about now. So in case you don't know, I quit my job in order to write full time. Well, mostly. There will be part time jobs as research for characters, but I am going to fully and completely focus on writing. So I have put in my two weeks notice at work, and my time is drawing short. Which is really weird. I've been there over two years. It's a hard adjustment.

These co-workers have become my family. I love them. I think they kinda like me, too, but I certainly know they love Paula. They think about her even when I'm not around. Like the other day when Mykala and Kimber were in the break room. It was so great that Kimber told me after about the conversation.

Walking en route, Kimber started to whistle. Mykala started to spin around, finally asking Kimber, "Is that Paula?"

Paula seems to not only have her own fan club, but my little copycat has copycats of her own.

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