How to Make an Entrance

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Paula really likes attention. Maybe a bit much. Then again, this is part of why I call her my little diva. Combine the attention seeking with her musical abilities and there is bound to be shenanigans. At the time of this story, I had recently seen The Greatest Showman and had fallen in love with the music. it was pretty much all I listened to for a week solid afterward. I guess Paula wanted some of the attention back on her.

One morning as I was walking into my new job, Paula decided she was the greatest showman and had to make an entrance. So as I opened the door to step into the office- early in the morning, mind you, it was 7 AM- she lets out a very high pitched tone with vibrato and everything. Jealous much, Paula? She really knows how to make an entrance (and make sure everyone is awake for work).

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