Party Animal!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

So I'm sure I've mentioned before I always manage to find the coolest friends to hang out with. They have great ideas and love getting together to play. Last night, my friend Rachel decided to have a birthday party to kick off a birthday weekend. I didn't take any photos to show you the awesomeness, and for this I apologize.

Last night's plans included a mocktail party (like a cocktail party, but sans alcohol. We had sparkling cider and soda mixed with different syrups, etc) and dancing. Now I love dancing. A lot. I guess Paula does, too. She gave out a few loud cheers and even heckled a few people who sat down on the couch, goading them to get back up. She might be more of a party animal than I am. I was even one of the ones she heckled when I sat down for a bit. I wish I had her energy...

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