Paula is a Child

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Last post I talked about how good Paula is with kids. I realized the other day it's quite likely because she IS a child. So am I, though so it kind of makes sense. I tend to act like an over sized five year old, especially when I get excited. 

For example, earlier this week at work, the internet went down. This kind of complicates work considering it's an online company. Although it meant I got some visiting in with my awesome co workers while we waited for it to get up and running. 

We know Paula loves people and likes to the center of attention (see ummm, just about any blog post I've written...), so this was an exciting opportunity and she made the most of it by introducing TWO new tics!

The first happened just in passing. Someone mumbled a good morning. It's hard to be bright and cheery at 6 AM- unless you are Paula who belted out a bright "Morning!" in response.

Later, with my friend Kimber, she decided to give a throw back to a childhood movie in response to Kimber's question. Anyone remember Ducky? Here is a refresher if you don't. That "yep yep yep" line? Paula decided she would quote Ducky anytime I was asked a question, especially if the answer was yes.

It certainly made for an exciting morning with movie quotes from my childhood and good people.

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