Paula and the Puppy

Saturday, February 20, 2016

So yesterday I met a beautiful and energetic puppy. Her name is Carmen. She is a pitbull/lab mix. It's a great combination, really. I have always been an animal lover. The more animals I am around as Paula intensifies, the more entertained I am by the reactions of the animal world.

This is a pitbull mixed with a lab. Pretty, huh?
Carmen is a very active puppy. She isn't even a full year old. The second I walked into the apartment the first time I met her, so jumped up wanting attention and loves, which I was happy to give. As she ran back and forth between the four adults in the apartment, Paula decided to make an appearance.

For all her running around, it took Carmen a second to skid to a stop, and then she stared... Her head was tilted to the side, similar to the photo. She never could quite get used to it, either. Paula was incredibly active this particular day, and the same event happened every time. Skidding and staring, then the continuous running.

She was still affectionate the whole evening, just confused every once in a while. Like most young creatures (humans and animals alike), her attention span was rather short, so she continued to run and play in between and still seemed to like me just fine, despite Paula's screams.

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