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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Paula can be pretty creepy. We've already established the phantom aspect, but she is just so good at it. She pulled another phantom today. At work, I have been moved to the top floor. My friend Kimber works in the room just below mine. We both get into work pretty early, so it tends to be a little more quiet. I was upstairs working, and Paula decides to say good morning. Nothing too loud, she didn't have a lot of people to grab attention from. Pretty mellow, no big deal, right?

WRONG! I suddenly have a message pop up on my computer screen from Kimber. She told Paula good morning. I giggled thinking she didn't realize Paula had just popped up. To my surprise, her next message said that Kimber had indeed, heard Paula. It was like she was reading my mind!!

Kimber then went on to explain she turned to Kayla and asked if she heard it. Sadly, she did not. Kimber would have thought she was going crazy if she didn't know that my shift had started. There has to be a vent or something that allowed her to hear such a quiet noise while being on a different floor! That or Paula learned how to throw her voice really well. Maybe she should become a ventriloquist...

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