Paula's "Yellow Bird"

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We know by now how much Paula likes attention. She loves going to rehearsal and stealing lines from the narrators of the show, as well as the lead. Sometimes, I think she just wants to be the whole cast  and crew herself! During Benjamin's Calypso, there is a line about a yellow bird. Normally her timing is on par. However, she was a little late on this one. We had even jumped to a different scene.

The rest of us had gone back to the beginning of the act in Egypt, but she jumped back to the islands, doing a bird call. She received orders to do this during the show (sorry Mary-Martha) during the line about the yellow bird from a few members of the cast. Guess we will see how well she obeys! Though her track record would suggest not normally.

She does her own thing at all times. In fact, her bird cry might pass for a yellow bird, but it sounds much more like a peacock.

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