Thursday, January 26, 2017

I don't get upset very often. I'm usually a pretty calm and happy person. Usually. However, every once in a while, I can get a little bit protective. More often than not, that is when I get angry. Luckily, defending Paula gives me a chance to defend myself. Yet another reason I love having her around.

I have had, on more than one occasion, men remark about Paula. It's one thing to say she is cute and endearing and adorable. All welcome words. One word that is NOT welcome is the word sexy. I loathe remarks about my "sexy tics." Just don't do it. Ever. It pisses me off and shuts you out of my life faster than *insert your own awesome metaphor here, because I'm too frustrated to think of anything good.*

I don't tic to turn you on. I tic because I can't help it. If it is something that turns you on, that is your own business, leave me out of it. If you want to flirt, try something with a little more substance. Maybe try having a conversation with me and tell me I'm witty, funny, or smart. You know what, feel free to tell me if I look good in a dress or with nice make up on. I at least have some control over that and it is a reflection of how I want to represent myself. 

Ticcing is like breathing to me, it just comes naturally. So I mean, if you are essentially trying to say that breathing turns you on... that just gets a little too much into the realm of pervert or sex addict for me. I understand that you might not be, but it still makes me uncomfortable. And you know what, maybe others don't share my opinion and that's fine. Maybe they would like to hear that their tics are sexy. Maybe that doesn't give them the heebie jeebies and maybe they won't see you in a negative light for it. To each their own. Everyone is different and that is what makes the world beautiful. But maybe get to know someone a little better first, because that is not all of me, and DEFINITELY not a line you should use on me.

My tics are very much a part of me, but they are not all me. There is more to a relationship than that drive for sex. There is more to ME than that. I am a human being with the ability to think and feel and act. Talk to me about what I want to do, to be, to experience. Tell me about YOUR dreams and hopes and goals. 

I want to know you as a person. I love people, I really do. I would appreciate the same respect. get to know me, and the me I want to be, not just the part of me I can't control.

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