Lingering Laughter

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Meetings are boring, right? At least, according to some. I actually quite like them. I think I'm alone in this, though. Paula sure thinks the opposite. Any kind of meeting... work meetings, church meetings, and any other kind of meeting where Paula has to behave. She will for a while, but certainly not for long.

I had several meetings this weekend. I loved every minute of it. They were church meetings with my stake, and this was the first big gathering we had since the talent night where Paula embarrassed our poor MC. The meeting had just started when Paula decided she was already bored. She let out a nice loud one, similar to the one at the stake talent night. This created quite a stir of laughter.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Nate (the awesome MC who handled the situation incredibly well) duck his head, as our stake president commented, "I sure hope this isn't a bad omen or something."

After this, Paula calmed down. As much as Paula really can calm down that is. Hint: that isn't much. I was amazed at how much people were still talking about the talent night and the stir she caused. Even if she is being silent, she still manages to cause a few giggles with her antics.

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