Paula Gets Attitude

Thursday, March 17, 2016

We always knew Paula was sassy, but lately she has gotten some real attitude! She has yet another new tic. Sometimes it is in response to a comment made at work, sometimes it happens while I am making a culinary masterpiece known as dinner. She must have been really proud of my grilled cheese or something. No matter when she does it, it is always fitting to the situation and gets a good laugh from many.
Now if only I could make my sandwiches look this nice...

Paula continues to expand her vocabulary with this new tic. She says, "What, what!" For a while, I had one of my team leads at work, Clint, respond with, "Raise the roof!" She liked the response so much it became more common for that tic to appear. As always, her timing is impeccable! I love her new attitude, it fits her sassy side!

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