End of an Era

Monday, April 11, 2016

When I first started to make noises I thought I simply had the hiccups. They were certainly the cutest hiccups I ever had and they didn't hurt like normal hiccups did. I was ok with having hiccups that didn't hurt! A few months after my first noises appeared, I got a normal case of the hiccups. The painful kind that were also not near as cute as little baby Paula was. Ever since that first case of the hiccups, I haven't done them again. I haven't had hiccups in over a decade!! I am certainly ok with this!!!

Today, that streak has ended. My 13 year streak without hiccups is sadly over, and I now have to start from scratch. Today, I got the hiccups. The really frustrating part, is it was only five of them before they disappeared! So I guess I can also be thankful for that detail. Normal hiccups hurt. It was still oh so sad to see 13 years get wiped clean and I have to start over again. Here is to another 13 years without hiccups!!!

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